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Sorry, applications will not be accepted until approximately 2024.

Roman Mavliutov

I offer you

A simple site build 📎

That is, without unnecessary difficulties.

Feauters of work with me

  • I notify you daily (briefly) what has been done.
  • I make your sites stricly in accordance with the task at hand. That is without my own creativity.
  • Checking your site with my own tester. To save your time on verifications and revision.

And also

  • If necessary, I am ready to communicate by phone or by video. For example, via Skype.
  • Filling standard pages with demo content to make it easier for you customer accept the site.
  • If suddenly a delay - a 5% reduction in my remuneration per day.
  • Hosting on a server free (1 time at demo server + 1 time at production server).
  • Warranty - 2 months.

My skills

That I use to build sites on WordPress.


10 years


10 years


10 years


10 years


10 years


7 years


4 years


3 years

Google search :)

Adequately clean code

Basically, I do averything that a busines/corporate site might need. Varios calculators, effects, filters, etc.

Examples of my work

Portfolio - Сервис рисования tuteta.ru
Infinite canvas for drawing and game.
Portfolio - heavy-lift.ru
Loading and unloading of heavy cargo. From 100 tons.
Portfolio - katok-komplekt.ru
Construction of ice rinks.
Portfolio - ladylux.ru
Wholesale underwear store
Portfolio - 20photos.ru
Photographer's website.
Portfolio - uniproffi.ru
Wholesale online store of packages.
Portfolio - tridodo.ru
Portal about independent travel.
Portfolio - 3ghirafa.ru
Family restaurant.
Portfolio - tomatiko.ru
Recipe catalog with product search.
Portfolio - beehealthy.ru
Honey online store.

Ho much?

Sorry, applications will not be accepted until approximately 2024.

There is a short and strong episode of the movie "Forest Gump".

I love it!

Well. I'm here just to make your sites according to the task.

P.S. Discount for the game 🎮

You probably haven't played it in a thousand years :)
(yes, you can go through walls)

= 1% discount.

Max discount is 10%.
Discount is valid for the first order.

What shoud you do to get a discount?

After I evaluate your project, just send me a screenshot with your points.

In general it interesting, but now the offer is not actual


But what if it comes in handy later?

This is why add the page in bookmarks (CTRL + D).

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